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All the features you need to create your online store and sell online.

Selling online has been made easy for you

Create your store in seconds and take your business online

Designed for compatibility with any device

Your store is fully responsive no matter the device. Customers can access your store on laptops, tablets or phones - all giving an awesome experience.

Customize your store to suit your brand

You can upload your brand's logo, choose colours and change appearance of your store to reflect your brand details.

Connect your own domain to our free domain

When you create a store on Malltiply, you get a free domain name for your store (yourstore.malltiply.com) which you can also connect to your own domain name (yourstore.com).

Built to multiply sales

Get the necessary information and data on sales needed to grow your numbers

Easy-to-use dashboard

Get easily accustomed to our well-designed dashboard which displays all information about sales, orders and customers in a clear and simple manner.

Analytics support

You can view and analyze data about how each product is performing on your store to better streamline your marketing.

Multiple staff-account support

Add other staff accounts to your store and manage the activities each staff is allowed to perform.

Focus on what's important to you

You need time to focus on sales while we handle the rest

Coupons and discounts

Motivate customers to buy on your store by creating discounts and coupons on product prices.

Accept payments

Receive payments for your products upon checkout by choosing the payment provider of your choice.

Hosting and security

Your products are well hosted on Malltiply and your customers information are secured for every order, checkout and payment with an SSL certificate.

Take your store online

Everything you need to succeed running an online store is right here on Malltiply. Every second counts, start now.

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